THE results of the 2019 EDUNIVERSAL RANKING OF THE BEST MASTERS & MBAs are released!
Following the annual survey, that was closed on Tuesday, 6 June 2018 and conducted by the Eduniversal Evaluation Agency, 961 programs in 76 fields of study were included in the 18th edition of the Eduniversal Ranking of the best Masters & MBAs and published on the 16 February 2019.
As each year, the Eduniversal ranking has seen the effective mobilization of students, schools and companies. This was the case again this year, throughout the eleven weeks of the investigation.
Since its inception, participation rates in the annual survey have steadily increased. Compared to 2010, there has been a 43.97% increase in the number of students solicited and a 33.20% for schools and programs managers. This year again, the results of the survey show this continuous growth, with a new record of more than 28,918 students of Masters and MBA programs being asked to evaluate their program. More than half of them chose to respond to the survey.
As for the participation of the schools, they are increasingly seeking to be more transparent with the Eduniversal Evalution Agency. Therefore 87.42% of the schools have provided their students' contact details to let them express their feedback about the program through the questionnaire. There is also a high degree of diversity among the institutions responding to the survey. This year, 35% of them are universities, 32% specialized schools, 18% business schools and 15% engineering schools.
On the business side, 7,929 recruiters were solicited in 2018 to participate in both surveys, which is 21% more than in 2017. More than 10% of them answered and voted for the programs that best trained their students and best met their recruitment needs.

Among the new features in this edition, you will find a new ranking in the field of Communication: "Public Communication, Politics et Lobbying". The inclusion of the new fields of study is part of the continuous improvement process of the ranking, with the objective to respond to the market realities and potential professional opportunities.
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