EDUNIVERSAL EVENT: the Annual Awards Ceremony
The first was held on November, 4th 2008 in the Parisian Palais Brongniart. The latest was held on October, 18th 2018 at the Revlin Fortress in Dubrovnik. Between the two, the nine others took place around the world.
What are we talking about ? The annual Eduniversal Awards Ceremony !
→ What the Eduniversal Awards Ceremony is?

The Eduniversal Awards Ceremony is a prestigious event which annually takes place during the Eduniversal World Convention’s gala dinner.

This ceremony honors, in each of the nine geographical zones covered by the eduniversal-ranking, the three institutions which obtained the highest recommendation’s rates from their peers during the year Deans’ Vote survey.

There are members of the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee who give to each of these institution -institutions considered as the best in their geographical area by other business schools- a beautiful trophy. This prize symbolizes their academic success as well the trust and recognition their peers grant to them.

The Eduniversal International Scientific Committee’s members also give to the institution which receives the highest recommendation’s rate all geographical zones combined, the World Trophy. The awarding of this glorious prize concludes the Gala evening.
→ Who are concerned by the Eduniversal Awards ?

Academic institutions which are entitled to be granted an Eduniversal Top Business School Award are the 1,000 instititutions recognized inside the annual Eduniversal ranking of the Best 1,000 Business Schools in 154 countries. So, there are institutions which are present in the year’s ranking with a certain level of Palmes of Excellence.

→ How the Eduniversal Awards are granted every year ?

The Eduniversal Awards originate in the Eduniversal Best 1,000 Business Schools ranking’s methodology. Indeed, the ranking’s methodology is the following :
  • First step : from quantitative and qualitative criteria, members of the Eduniversal International Scientific Committee determine by country number of academic institutions which could be ranked.
  • Second step : once these institutions selected, each of them is affiliated to a level of Palmes of Excellence, which reflects their global influence and visibility.
    * There are five different Palmes of Excellence leagues : the first Palme is attributed to institutions which show a considerable local influence when the five Palmes are given to business schools with an universal strong global influence. The two, three and four Palmes are intermediary levels.
    * The Eduniversal International Scientific Committee awards each schools a Palme level according to three main sets of criteria : 1) accreditations, 2) major rankings and 3) memberships in academic or professional associations and partnerships.
  • Third step : the last step of the methodology is the Deans’ Vote. The Deans’ Vote is an online survey managed by the Eduniversal ranking office under the supervision of the International Scientific Committee. Dedicated solely to Deans/Directors/Rectors of the 1,000 ranked institutions, it’s an unique peers’ recommandations process. In other words, ranked schools’ representatives are invited to confidentially indicate which are, country by country, other ranked schools they would recommend to their staff/students/partners for a mobility or a collaboration.
This survey allows to give to each ranked schools a final recommendation’s rate stem from their peers’ vote. This final recommendation rate is obtained by adding the total votes received by the institution. It is presented as a « per mille ».

This « per mille » allows to determine the final rate of an institution inside its own Palme of Excellence league for its country. Moreover, it allows to grant the Eduniversal Awards! Indeed, in the nine geographical zones, there are the three institutions which obtained the highest recommendation’s rate from the Deans’ Vote which receive an Eduniversal Awards.

→ Who are the institutions already awarded with an Eduniversal Awards ?

Since 2008, lot of institutions received an Award, hailed by their peers during the Eduniversal World Convention.

In Africa, the trend of the granting of the Eduniversal Awards is toward regularity : since the first edition of the Eduniversal Awards and until the lastest dated, three institutions are always on the podium (their rates varying over the years). There are The American University of Cairo – School of Business (Egypt), the University of Stellenbosch Business School (South Africa) and the University of Cape Town – UCT Graduate School of Business (South Africa).

The same tendancy can be found in Central Asia, where three Indian institutions distingusihing themselves year after year : the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore, the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and the Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Note however that in 2017, Almaty Management University (Kazakhstan)  shaked up the established order by being third ex-aequo with the IIM-C.

In Eastern Europe, the University of Economics Prague VSE (Czech Republic) only lost three times its leadership (in 2012, 2013 and 2014), switching with the St Petersburg State University – Graduate School of Management (Russia). Other institutions are also used to be a Top Business School, as the University of Warsaw – Faculty of Management (Poland), the University of Ljubljana – Faculty of Economics (Slovenia), the Corvinus University of Budapest – Corvinus Business School (Hungary) or the Zagreb School of Economics and Management (Croatia).

In Eurasia and the Middle East, Tel-Aviv University (Israel), Koç University – Graduate School of Business (Turkey) and Istanbul University – Faculty of Business Administration (Turkey) don’t leave the podium since 2012 (perhaps since 2008 for the first one !). But other schools found their way towards the Award, as the American University of Beiruth – Suliman S. Olayan School of Business (Lebanon), the Hebrew University of Jerusalem – Jerusalem School of Business Administration (Israel) or the Bilkent University – Faculty of Business Administration (Turkey).

In Far East Asia, the National University of Singapore – NUS Business School (Singapore) is every year called on stage to receive its prize. The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology – HKUST Business School (Hong Kong) collects the Awards since 2010 ; whereas several Chinese schools change shifts on the podium : CEIBS, Fudan University School of Management and Peking University – Ganghua School of Management.

In Latin America for now, no institution succeeded to dethrone the EGADE Business School – Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico). But there are plenty of candidates : from Brazil, FGV-EAESP Sao Paulo Business Administration School ; from Chile, the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile – Escuela de Administracion as well the Universidad de Chile - School of Business and Economics ; from Costa Rica, the INCAE Business School ; from Argentina, the Universidad Austral – IAE Business School ; from Colombia, the Universidad de Los Andes School of Management ; or from Mexico, the UDEM Business School – Universidad de Monterrey.

In North America, five institutions differ from their counterparts : the Canadian McGill Univeresity – Desautels Faculty of Management and the American MIT Sloan School of Management, Harvard Business School, Stanford University – Stanford Graduate School of Business and Yale School of Management.

In Oceania, three Australian institutions, the Monash University – Monash Business School, the University of Melbourne – Melbourne Business School and the University of Sydney Business School, mix with the New Zealander University of Auckland Business School.

In Western Europe, the Copenhagen Business School (Denmark) and the London Business School (United Kingdom) are on the podium since 2008. Over the years, they applauded on their side the French INSEAD and HEC Paris, the Erasmus University (Netherlands), the SDA Bocconi School of Management (Italy) or more recently the Spanish ESADE Business School.
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→ What about the Eduniversal Awards 2019 ?

The 2019 Deans’ Vote results are not yet known, but the survey is currently underway (April – July 2019)!
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However, we already know that the 2019 Eduniversal Awards Ceremony will take place in Bangkok (Thailand) during the 12th Eduniversal World Convention, in October, 2019!
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