ESMT Berlin supports Ukraine
ESMT Berlin condemns the war in Ukraine and condemns the Russian government for starting this war. As a community, we appeal to the Russian government to bring the war to an immediate end.  

This war could not stand in stricter contrast to what we stand for, bringing together faculty, staff, students, and many other stakeholders from all over the world together with our strong belief in freedom and advocating respect for the individual. 

Together with our Ukrainian students and staff members, we are coordinating activities to provide humanitarian aid to those most affected by this war.   

The ESMT community is rallying to support Ukraine through a number of initiatives. A group of ESMT students is helping to raise funds to provide humanitarian help in Ukraine. Support the efforts by donating to Feine Ukraine, an NGO providing humanitarian aid and working on the ground to tend to the most critical needs of people most affected by the war. Leave the following comment with your donation "ESMT Berlin, Humanitäre Hilfe für die Ukraine" to help us better understand the impact we will create.

ESMT employees are collecting donated articles internally to be delivered to support the efforts by Ukraine Hilfe Berlin

If you believe you can contribute in other ways rather than direct donations, feel free to contact our initiative group. They work closely with volunteers and humanitarian companies, and are happy to collaborate in other ways to make the most significant impact for the greater good.