RBS Commitment to Ukraine

Dear students, faculty, Alumni, Advisory board and our local and international partners!


We at Riga Business School have expressed our solidarity with Ukraine and are grateful for all the commitment done already by the Latvian society, including the RBS community - students, Alumni, faculty and administration.


We have decided to move forward to help:

  • remote work premises for educators from Ukraine,
  • English language training for job seekers from September - both fully financed by the school or with certain financial support provided by the potential employers,
  • business and IT leadership bachelor studies for Ukrainian high school students meanwhile addressing the RBS community and partners for supporting with scholarships, 
  • support by the administration to faculty members from our partnering schools in Ukraine - MIM Business School and DTEK Academy, 
  • we have appointed our English Language center director Tatiana Ginzburg (tatiana.ginzburg@rbs.lv) to be the one point entry for all the requests from Ukrainian educators and English language training, and our bachelor's program director Claudio Rivera (claudio.rivera@rbs.lv) to support the needs of high school students expressing their interest to study business and IT leadership.
  • we express the readiness to secure a special summer school program for Ukrainian youth co-created by Ukrainians here in Latvia and the Ministry of Education and Science. More details to come.



Administration of Riga Business School

Contacts: +371 67089800, info@rbs.lv