Budapest Business School provides comprehensive support to its students who are affected by the war in the Ukraine

The entire university community is in solidarity with all war refugees and feels a deep obligation to help them. Therefore, in response to the events in the Ukraine, we have assessed those BBS students affected by the war, and in consultation with BBS’ Student Council, our university management has decided to provide priority financial and mental health support to these students.

As part of the support system, students affected by the war who are Ukrainian or hold dual citizenship will be exempted from paying their tuition fee for the Spring 2022 academic semester. In addition, the university has announced an extraordinary financial scholarship application framework for the students concerned. They will have the opportunity to receive a one-time scholarship (maximum HUF 300,000/semester). The university will provide scholarships for self-funded students from its own resources. Further assistance is provided by the university to support those students who are in the process of completing their studies, by providing an internship location for them. In addition, these same students will be exempt from paying dormitory fees during the Spring 2022 academic semestser.

BBS also provides mental health counseling in Hungarian and English for the students concerned, and has joined the fundraising campaign of the National Conference of Student Councils along with several other universities.