AUBG helps Ukraine

Support for AUBG Students Affected by the Russian-Ukrainian War

AUBG is actively supporting its current Ukrainian students and has taken aggressive steps to ensure their well-being and ability to continue their studies. While we all hold our breath waiting for it to end, AUBG is ready to help all of our students affected by the war in Ukraine. To contribute to this endeavor, please click here.

AUBG opens its doors for university students and professors

The university’s doors are open for any displaced Ukrainian university students who are able to continue their studies in English, seeking or having found refuge in Bulgaria due to the war in Ukraine. AUBG also welcomes refugee scholars and professors within the extent of its institutional capacity. Within its capacity, the university will provide placement and support for such scholars.

English language Instructions for those in need

For those who need help with their English skills, AUBG can provide English instruction through its English Language Institute in Blagoevgrad upon availability.

On-site support

Current Ukrainian and Russian AUBG students are providing free translation services, cultural support and other support as need arises to displaced Ukrainians. AUBG student residence halls will also be available after May 22nd, for temporary accommodation of Ukrainian refugees in need.

Collaboration with other organizations

AUBG stands ready to collaborate with other organizations and employers to support their efforts in these same areas.
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